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Insurance Plans

St. Luke's Clinic accepts the following overseas travel insurance and credit card company insurance.

(Please contact us if you have any insurance not listed below.)

Our clinic staff will assist you with the tedious paperwork required for insurance claims.

Accepted Health Plans

⭐For overseas travel insurance:

Cashless payment is possible if you bring these items:

1. Passport

2. Insurance certificate

3. E-ticket, passport exit stamp, or airline ticket when leaving Japan

*Depending on your insurance policy, you may not need an E-ticket. In most cases, you can receive a diagnosis without an E-ticket . Please contact the clinic for more details.

Accepted Credit Card Insurance

⭐For credit card insurance:


1. Please contact the number on the back of the card. Please tell them that you would like to come to St. Luke's Waikiki for treatment and that you would like to send the attached insurance certificate or guarantee letter to St. Luke's Waikiki. If they ask for your fax number, please tell them.

FAX: 808-773-7501.


2. Once you have confirmed that the guarantee letter has been sent, please bring your passport and e-ticket with you when you visit the clinic. This will allow us to process your payment without cash.

Doing these things in advance will make the consultation process go more smoothly. If you are unsure, please bring your credit card with you when you come to our clinic. We will make the phone calls to the card company on your behalf so that we can handle the cashless payment process.

2250 Kalakaua Ave, suite 208

Honolulu HI 96815

Waikiki Shopping Plaza #208

Call: 808-773-7097

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